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Angular playground: applying an infinitescroll for Domino Access Services

Intro Inspired by a serie of blogposts from Marky Roden and popularity in the web dev community I decided to step (once again) from the XPages path (a trend?) and feed my curiosity on AngularJS. An excellent stepping stone is the example

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9 (Brilliant) jQuery Plugins

For the JQuery lovers among us via CSS globe I bumped on the article 9 Brilliant jQuery Plugins and Tutorials. I noticed Supersized is listed here. I have included this plug-in for the next release of Bildr so you can

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Any recommendation for a good book about object-oriented JavaScript?

After reading Mastering Dojo plus HTML5: Up and Running and still waiting for the arrival of Mastering XPages there is place for a new book on my bedside cabinet. Yesterday I read this post regarding object oriented JavaScript. So I

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Request: Personalize landing pages using GeoTargeting

Today I received a question from a customer if PHP could run on top of a Domino server. In the discussion that followed what the customer wants to achieve it became clear that he is more looking for a script

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Mastering Dojo

I have just started with the following book ‘Mastering Dojo: JavaScript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences‘ to understand the framework a bit more (I hope I have selected the right book to start with?). For those who have

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jQuery TreeView Menu from Notes View

I was looking for a way to get a web publishing toolkit in Notes away from displaying documents in a frameset. The frameset consists of several frames: a header section a leftside navigation section a main or content section The

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Pagination on a View in the Notes client

A problem with Notes Views is that when they contain a lot of documents scrolling becomes inevitable. Even when you apply categorized columns it will become necessary that users click through the Views. An option would be that you just

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