Embed a response thread in XPages?

For my Bildr project I would like to embed a comment functionality where people can respond on pictures (and respond on the responses). I am wondering what would be the best (+easiest) way to do this? I did not find a reusable ‘response hierarchy’ control on OpenNTF.

David Leedy describes in a post how to create response documents in XPages. Chris Toohey describes how to get a similar embedded single-category view.

But I am wondering if there are any (other) good descriptions or rip and deploy examples? Take the thread from the Discusison template?

First experiences with the next generation discussion template

We have got finally most our servers up to 8.5.1 so we are ready for some real XPages development (and deployment).

For an internal customer I would like to setup the next generation discussion template from OpenNTF to review and for now the application runs well except the following problem I experience with referring to the oneuiv2 theme.

In the blue.css for the application bar there are references like:


When I examine the css in firefox I see:

.xspPanelInner {

But when I copy the location of the image I get:

The correct path would be:

which will also display the image.

I did some quicksearch on the internet which resulted to in postings like this:


where they say to add some references to the oneuiv2 theme in the active theme:


If I however add this reference to the blue theme nothing happens. The location to the image stays the same.

  • Do you have any suggestion?

I do not want to hard-code the servername in the image reference in the blue.css :


I tried several options with / .. and combinations of them ../../ but I never get the result I want.  It seems like the CSS does not understand to cut off the installation path + nsf file name. Does this have something to do with the server installation or not?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Transforming RSS feeds into HTML, run an agent or use a JS Library?

A customer asked me if it would be easy to make (snippets of) RSS feeds from Notes blog applications visible on html pages (generated by Domino)?

Sure I said, but a search on Google brought me however no direct copy and paste result.

I played before with XML and transformation but I am just wondering what would most effective and more important easy for an Editor who maintains a page?

Just adding a little JavaScript on your page and providing the url of the feed, possibly the url of a stylesheet and a parameter how many items you want to have displayed maximum sounds the easiest for me. I am already using JQuery, could I take advantage of this?

How to tackle possible domain issues? Using an agent and do the transfarmation here? What about performance?

Right now I am still searching, but if you have some guidance your help is appreciated!

PS. I looked at services as RSS Include, would be great if there would be a generic solution in Notes for such a service.