Bildr on Extension Library (work in progress)

In the last week before vacation I have some time left for some experiment. So I decided after reading the extension library guide to start rewriting the Bildr project on OpenNTF. Untill now I have come pretty far and the first results look promising. Not sure if I can manage to finalize the project before the end of the week, but let’s think positive!

Below some screenshots so far…

Bildr in Gurus of XPages webcast

While working on the next version of Bildr I was listening to the Gurus of XPages webinar (I am not sure where you can get a download of the webinar but it’s out there).

I was happy surprised when I heard at about 21:40 Bildr mentioned as a great XPages app!

Thanks for the nice words! We’ll make sure that Bildr:

  • remains free
  • gets stuffed with more XPages goodies in the future =)

Also thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project. Please update your ideas / feature requests etcetera on OpenNTF.

Bildr – Work in progress

It’s been a hard day’s night… there is some work in progress for Bildr on OpenNTF.

I have added a bookmark functionality and separate page to read comments.

Figure: Button to create a bookmark for a picture document.

Figure: Bookmark overview on profile page.

Figure: Comments overview page.

I have not submitted the code yet, will do that later this day/weekend. Anyway, if you have some feature request, please let me know. Enjoy your weekend!


added the option to update picture details in the browser