Source Control with Domino Designer

In case you want to start using source control in Domino Designer there are several good online resources available that help you getting started (Google is your friend). I have written a summary document so you don’t have to collect the information from several resources yourself.

Here you can download the PDF:

Happy reading =)

PS please let me know in case the document is incomplete.

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One thought on “Source Control with Domino Designer

  1. Mikael Grevsten 2013-September-14 / 4:05 pm

    A really good summary of all options around source control!
    Do you perhaps know of any info or resources on how to put all of this into practical use?
    I have been trying to implement source control myself but failed due to lack of knowledge (my part) and also lack of resources on how to make it work with colleagues, servers and different versions of our applications.

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