Mastering… XPatience

On 29 January I received a confirmation that my Amazon order for Mastering XPages was shipped. What shipped means here I have no idea but from a customer perspective I would expect: “expected to be dropped in your postbox any time now” but this seems not to be true:

Order Placed:

October 6, 2010

Shipment 1 of 1


Delivery Estimate: March 7, 2011

Thanks, but no thanks… I can still see that pile of books in the bookstore at LS2011 in front of my eyes…

Teamroom in XPages & the XPages book

Recent time there have been several interesting discussions regarding XPages templates by IBM and documentation on XPages.

The discussions give a good impression the state we are today in Domino development and the gap that still has to be bridged (by IBM and the community I guess).

What I did not hear mentioned in the discussions is what I saw on a presentation from IBM which you can find here.

It certainly says that IBM is looking at more XPages based applications (an XPages version of the team room template) and also that a new XPages app dev book will be released by IBM Press.

Too bad we cannot take that book with us on this year’s summer holiday…