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Angular playground: applying an infinitescroll for Domino Access Services

Intro Inspired by a serie of blogposts from Marky Roden and popularity in the web dev community I decided to step (once again) from the XPages path (a trend?) and feed my curiosity on AngularJS. An excellent stepping stone is the example

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Visitors per day statistics with zooming and weekends (prototype)

I created a visitor statistics prototype for an application. With the statistics we would like to check if an application is used frequently or if it’s sensitive to corporate news updates. The application help the user to select what type

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CALENDARIO: A responsive calendar plugin

Calendars can be a very tricky thing when it comes to their layout and responsiveness. Calendrio is a jQuery plugin to display a calendar layout for both, small and big screens and keeping the calendar structure fluid when possible. Here follows

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New control submitted for the XPages development contest

I have submitted a new control to OpenNTF for the XPages development contest. The control is an abstract of the implementation of Galleria in the Bildr project. In short words: the control enables to publish an image slider on your

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9 (Brilliant) jQuery Plugins

For the JQuery lovers among us via CSS globe I bumped on the article 9 Brilliant jQuery Plugins and Tutorials. I noticed Supersized is listed here. I have included this plug-in for the next release of Bildr so you can

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A Slidr for Bildr

For the next release of my Bildr app I would like to redo the startpage. Untill now I have not really focussed on it. The current startscreen is using the Dojo Fisheye plugin but this requires user action before you

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Breadcrumbs using JQuery

Bob Balfe asked some time ago who is using JQuery for their Domino development projects. I hoped it was gonna rain with examples of implementation of JQuery plugins in Lotus Notes but so far it remains a bit quiet. So

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I am Patrick Kwinten. I am a IBM Notes Domino Product Specialist since 1996. With this blog I am trying to give my contribution to the community.

The posts in this blog project my personal opinions, not the company I work for.

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