The View free online?

During the cleanup of my paper library with the View magazines I noticed that a lot of articles, including the PFD’s, of The View are indexed by Google and available online. I am not sure if this is a mistake or a seasonal gift from Wellesley Information Services but if you search online most of the older articles appear in the search results.

Older? “What is their use?” you may wonder. Most techniques described are obsolete or a sin, but others are so general (performance, programming best practices) or describe the core (2)of Notes that they are still interesting and fun to read.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

In case you wonder how to obtain the titles of the articles that WIS has published you can check for example this site.

Some search tips:

  • Enter titles case sensitive.
  • In case the PDF file does not appear in the results add ‘PDF’ as keyword or use Google Advanced Search where you can specify file type.
  • The locations VOLR6.nsf or viewr5.nsf are pretty unique keywords.

Workflow in Notes applications

Something I like about traveling is to be able to spend some time on reading larger documents than a couple of pages. For example publications / articles from The View magazine. This time I had printed out some old skool articles regarding OO development in LotusScript. Good stuff there!

So for another trip I was thinking reading some publications on creating workflow application in Lotus Notes. The results? Hmmm quiet disappointing. You would start to believe Notes is just not build for workflow.

I believe The View sends out a survey every now and then asking what the interest of their audience is but making this more transparent to the outside world via IdeaJam would that not be something for them? Just a thought (could be used also for IBM developerWorks).

In the meantime: If you know a good online source to read some tutorials, hints, tips, examples for creating workflow applications in Lotus Notes don’t hesitate to drop an URL here. Thanks!