The IBM Notes and Domino roadmap mantra *sigh*

I guess it was at IconUK Sept 2016 that IBM presented on their roadmap for Notes/Domino since a long time. The “big” news was that Q4 2016 IBM would come with an announcement regarding “updated tooling explored”.

What they meant with that was not clear to me, but “updated tooling” refers to me to what exists today, and that is currently just XPages if you ask me.

So last week during a webinar co-hosted by TeamStudio and TLCC the results of this exploration was expected to be presented as part of the roadmap for Notes and Domino. To my surprise instead of taking the opportunity and time to explain the findings of this exploration IBM simply repeats “updated tooling  explored” but adds the line “more during Connect 2017”. WHAT?!?

Didn’t you first come with a press notification that in Q4 2016 you will explain more about application modernization plans and invite people to come and listen to your views and then during this press report you simply say that people may wait another quarter?

And what does “more” in “more during Connect 2017” mean? How much more can people expect?

I am not sure what it means in English but it Dutch it sounds to me like a “zoethoudertje” but it has a negative interpretation. Probably the best translation is “compensation” It never satisfies any party in the long run.

Customers and developers want to move on and modernize their applications. And I am doubting if IBM is delivering it for Application Development in Notes Domino. If I look at the job market, the market is dead. If I read the modern development forums it is JavaScript (Node JS, Angular, React), Java, NonSQL databases where data is stored directly in JSON, GraphQL or any other Graph db, Websocket connection streams etcetera. Hell yeah blend in a couple of services from Bluemix if you like.

So yes, I am very disappointed in this announced “delay” and this unprofessional “procastination” by IBM. I am not sure what you are doing at your offices. Talk with your customers and development team. Write the technical opportunities down in a living document. Keep the document fresh and fruitful. Allocate sufficient resources so you come to deliverables.

Nobody wants to spend 2 hours listening to a roadmap-mantra that brings “nothing more on updated tooling explored” except Java 1.8, probably.