Any recommendation for a good book about object-oriented JavaScript?

After reading Mastering Dojo plus HTML5: Up and Running and still waiting for the arrival of Mastering XPages there is place for a new book on my bedside cabinet.

Yesterday I read this post regarding object oriented JavaScript. So I did a quick search on Amazon (I used the German site since that is the nearest available from where I live (read: good shipping conditions)). The first book in the list (Object-Oriented JavaScript: Create scalable, reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries) received not so good reviews, mainly because the code examples were too childish.

So that leaves me with the following question:

Do you have any recommendation for a good book about object-oriented JavaScript?

So good for the pre-sale. But can I get it then on Lotusphere instead?


We’re writing about the order you placed on October 06 2010. Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

Martin Donnelly, et al “Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language”

Estimated arrival date: February 25 2011 – April 05 2011