Any recommendation for a good book about object-oriented JavaScript?

After reading Mastering Dojo plus HTML5: Up and Running and still waiting for the arrival of Mastering XPages there is place for a new book on my bedside cabinet.

Yesterday I read this post regarding object oriented JavaScript. So I did a quick search on Amazon (I used the German site since that is the nearest available from where I live (read: good shipping conditions)). The first book in the list (Object-Oriented JavaScript: Create scalable, reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries) received not so good reviews, mainly because the code examples were too childish.

So that leaves me with the following question:

Do you have any recommendation for a good book about object-oriented JavaScript?

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6 comments on “Any recommendation for a good book about object-oriented JavaScript?
  1. Lars Berntrop-Bos says:

    How about the Headfirst series?

  2. Patrick Picard says:

    OO and Javascript is almost an oxymoron :p

    Kidding aside, the book “Object-Oriented JavaScript: Create scalable, reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries” isnt too bad.

    However, the title is a little misleading. Only 2-3 chapters cover OO. It presents about 10 different ways to perform OO programming….so in the end it might make your head spin…..or give you options. Depends how you look at it.

    I’d suggest you look at Tim Tripcony’s post on OO Javascript at

    I have Oreilly’s the definitive guide to javascript…but i have not read far enough in the book to comment on the OO components. Overall, its a good book and almost a must have on your bookshelf. I believe a new version of the book is coming out shortly…

  3. I bought a copy of Object-Oriented JavaScript: Create scalable, reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries. It was a good start but certainly didn’t answer all the questions I have/had. I agree with Lars, it falls off topic quite a bit. But then I haven’t found anything better. Lucky for me I sit next to Tim Tripcony.

  4. Thomas Bahn says:

    My personal favorite is the already mentioned book:
    Stoyan Stefanov: “Object-Oriented JavaScript”, Packt Publishing, ISBN 978-1-847194-14-5, 337 p.

    Then have a look at:
    Douglas Crockford: “JavaScript: The Good Parts”, O’Reilly, ISBN 978-0-596-51774-8, 155 p.
    Not too much about OO, but a lot about advanced JavaScript

    Another good one:
    John Resig: “Pro JavaScript Techniques”, Apress, ISBN 1-59059-727-3, 359 p.

    Then continue with design patterns:
    Ross Harmes, Dustin Diaz: “Pro JavaScript Design Patterns”, Apress, ISBN 978-1-59059-908-2, 269 p.

    Or have a look at my NLLUG conference slides about Advanced JavaScript:
    107 p. including the book recommedations from above

  5. Thomas Bahn says:

    Hey, the blog removed my plug-tag (in angle brackets)…

  6. Thomas Bahn says:

    And JavaScript is a perfect language for _object_-oriented programming. It’s all about objects (but not classes). ;-)

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