Is there any way to access user activity properties programmatically?

I was asked to create some reports on the activities on a set of applications. I wonder if you can access the user activity properties on a database programmatic-ally?



Agent property: Store search in search bar menu

Does anyone know in what context this option can be used? The option is not considered in documentation. Same question applies for ‘Store highlights in documents’.


Looking for user manual / documentation IBM Blog template


I am wondering if someone took the time for writing a user friendly manual for beginning end-users of the  IBM Blog template?

The ‘using this application’ document does not support a good guidance for end-users.

For now I have just made an abstract of what is available in the Notes 8 Client Help.nsf ( Link ) and an abstract from posts on Steve Castledines Blog ( Link ), the last one is more for application administrators or (web) designers.

But in case you have a friendly description of the template including some screen-dumps I would be thankful if you sharing it!