Teamroom XL fix – Filter documents by subteam

Some may enjoy a longer vacation than others, most of us will land in the same nest again.

At the moment we are reviewing the Teamroom 8.5.3 XL template, to check if this is a more user-friendly mobile interface for document sharing solution than MS SP.

However I noticed a problem with Subteam filtering option in the ‘All documents’ view. The problem is that the xvwDocsByTeam view is not correct (the wrong field name is present in the view design)…

Here is the fix:

  1. Open xvwDocsByTeam view
  2. Change the “Team” column’s value to:

@If(form=”Status”; “Team Status”; SubteamInterest)

Now back to user-testing and acceptance =)

Using Teamroom 8.5.2 – recommended documentation?

I am currently looking at the 8.5.2 Teamroom template and if it will fit well in our application portfolio. Getting the application up and running is not a problem. Allthough I have noticed some technical problem areas the information I am more interested in is about:

  • The purpose of the application. What is it’s objective and how we should position the application in our portfolio.
  • How should the application be setup and what are the options?
  • How can daily users use the application, what is in it, what are the options to use it?

A lot of information on Teamroom is available on the web, but not all is of recent date or distributed by IBM. For example:

Unfortunately such information is not shipped with the template. In case you know where I can find good, more recent information please drop a reference here.