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An Anatomy of an Adaptive Web Experience – Brad Frost

Responsive web design is becoming more clearly an important specification from our customers. Allthough the customer is mostly already satisfied when we port the same UI to different devices, responsive web design is just the top of the iceberg when

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??? Can even be customized by providing an inherited renderer

Slide 49 from  Show110 – Using the XPages Extension Library for the Real World (Lotusphere 2012) says: Application Layout Control – Can even be customized by providing an inherited renderer Has anyone an idea what is meant here?

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Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2012 available

I have experienced that IBM has some problems linking to their material that lies out in the open, but I hope this post does not cause the same kind of trouble. I also know the solution in case needed: contact

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CardScanR available on OpenNTF

I finalized an initial (and presumably final) release on OpenNTF, available here. The application is a simple contact registration application and ofcourse XPages based. I think the application can be a great start to extend it as an inquiry application…

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Work in progress – CardScanR

Yesterday I registered a new project on OpenNTF, called CardScanR. Since this project mainly re-uses code from an old article here on this blog the work progresses pretty well. Here is what I have come up with so far. Administration

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Section type in XPages

I noticed for a section you can specify the type. However when I select the different options in the browser I do not notice so many differences except some padding/margin differences. However in Designer I notice that the section tries

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Request for book proposals

I have responded to Ben Langhinrichics’ request for book proposals. I have posted my idea here: Happy voting!

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