Lotuscript to Java Beans

It seems that video tutorials / webinars have become the standard in education. Probably because video seems to be considered as one of the most trustworthy source of information. The less positive effect of video tutorials is that they (still) take time.

During a trip lately I was able to watch the excellent Lotuscript to Java Beans webinar, presented by Tim Tripcony.

Below you find screenshots of moments I thought were most interesting:









Go watch that show if you have not already!

Job Wanted

Looking for a creative brain? Choose me!


Bildr in Gurus of XPages webcast

While working on the next version of Bildr I was listening to the Gurus of XPages webinar (I am not sure where you can get a download of the webinar but it’s out there).

I was happy surprised when I heard at about 21:40 Bildr mentioned as a great XPages app!

Thanks for the nice words! We’ll make sure that Bildr:

  • remains free
  • gets stuffed with more XPages goodies in the future =)

Also thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project. Please update your ideas / feature requests etcetera on OpenNTF.

Magic XPages converter

I attended the webinar yesterday organised by the LotusUserGroup. I was very curious about the responses from the attendees since I did not really get a hard-on from what I saw.

  • You do not buy a product but a service, how that service will result for you (in money) depends on your case
  • Not all items can be converted so you get a log file with items that could not be converted. So this requires manual work.
  • OneUI principles are not applied, so for a more attractive look you also need to apply manual work.

In general, as a Notes customer, I was quiet disappointed after the webinar. For each webification of a Notes application you still need to check if things work and apply some work to make the application fully work on the web. I also foresee that my customers want to apply so re-design when making an old application available for a browser so why not pay a little extra and get things done right?

What are your opinions?



I received a demonstration video from Nathan that gives a much better impression of the Transformer tool. I would like you to ask to wait untill that video becomes publicly available. For me it gave answers on many questions I had and it changed my perspective on the technical part.

I still have questions if the offering of a service in stead of a product (you can run yourself) is a proper solution. We have many databases installed, we do not know how many are candidate for web enablement and when customers will place an order for this. Performing an ad-hoc transformation (also for sales demo purposes) via an installed product would be a much better fit for me…