DLL access problem from LS Editor

I had the idea to deliver my CardScan application in an XPages framework and place it as a project on OpenNTF. But… as soon as I copied over the CardScanInitialize agent errors appear overal across the agent:

The errors are everywhere of the same type:

Illegal parenthesized reference

It looks that the CardScan library (cssdk32.dll installed in C:WINDOWSsystem32) cannot be addressed from the LS editor. I am using Designer Release 8.5.2 M2 (codedrop 4) . Have you experienced similar problems?

Ps I have not touched the application since Designer 7 so I have no idea if this problem already arises in Designer 8…

Question on Domino Blog Template – Show full entry in RSS not working

Hi, I am facing a problem with getting full entries in the RSS feed for the blog template. Basically if I select ‘Yes’ as option the feed becomes empty.

You can read a description of the option here:


Show Full Entry in RSS? (Content Encoded)
Default is “No”. If set to “Yes” then full content is sent with RSS feed rather than just a short abstract.

If I dig down in the agent (feed.rss) I read it uses the scriptlibrary DXRSS. In Sub StreamRSS2 I read:

If configdoc.config_rssfull(0)<>”No” And contentdoc.excludecontentrss(0)<>”Yes” Then

But an else statement is never further defined.

So I just wonder if the full entry option is ever implemented? The template we are using is the STd7Blog template delivered with 8.02. Are there upgrades available for the template?

Thanks in advance for your help.

IBM Lotus Knows how to screw up your day at the office – .provisioning_rc not found

Today I totally wasted my whole day trying to get Lotus Notes re-installed after it suddenly ‘died’ yesterday. The program did not want to start in standard mode, Designer and Adminstrator client ran OK.

During installation I receive the error message ‘.provisioning_rc not found… blabla’ and the installation quits. Cleaning any reference in the registry and files on the system just won’t help.

So a big ‘FU’ to IBM Lotus for destroying my day at the office. What a crappy software that does not allow to be re-installed! I wonder how many iPods Apple would still sell if you could not re-install iTunes.

IBM Lotus Knows how to screw up your day at the office.

Ps any help is welcome, allthough it will do little good right now due to travelling.