New OpenNTF contribution: ccFlickrBomb

Last Friday I had some spare hours left before calling it a week so started a new, simple project on OpenNTF called ccFlickrBomb:

flickrBomb provides an easy way for you to rapidly fill your prototypes with relevant content, and not just those dull gray placeholder images.

So basically ccFlickrBomb is a custom control that allows you to display a search query on Flickr in a more fashionable way. Enjoy!


New control submitted for the XPages development contest

I have submitted a new control to OpenNTF for the XPages development contest. The control is an abstract of the implementation of Galleria in the Bildr project.

In short words: the control enables to publish an image slider on your Xpage. A sample is demonstrated in the following image:


You can download the control here. Have fun!

Bildr – Next release features (2)

I have uploaded a new release of Bildr on OpenNTF. This release does not have so many new features, mainly I added a rating function for pictures. Well see if we can keep managing a release cycle of > 200 downloads.

I guess it is noew (almost) time to enjoy some summer holidays and maybe take a few pictures myself =)


Bildr – Next release features (1)

I have picked up some new development on Bildr. Not sure if this is wise since Swedish holidays are about the kick-in and Midsommar-celebrations are no good for the brains.

In the next release there will be a rating feature, for which I got help from Frank van der Linden.


Embed a response thread in XPages?

For my Bildr project I would like to embed a comment functionality where people can respond on pictures (and respond on the responses). I am wondering what would be the best (+easiest) way to do this? I did not find a reusable ‘response hierarchy’ control on OpenNTF.

David Leedy describes in a post how to create response documents in XPages. Chris Toohey describes how to get a similar embedded single-category view.

But I am wondering if there are any (other) good descriptions or rip and deploy examples? Take the thread from the Discusison template?