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Summary JSON in XPages

I have written a document summarizing the usage of JSON as data-interchange format in XPages development. The document has no intention to be complete, it only covers the areas I have worked with JSON in XPages (and as far as

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Dropdown menu from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)

Introduction OK, so I was a bit unsatisfied with the navigation list in my previous post. The nav-list component seems not to be destined to contain too many category sub levels. Dropdowns Toggleable, contextual menu for displaying lists of links.

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Navigation list from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)

Introduction In my previous post I demonstrated how you create breadcrumbs from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap. A typical Notes application contains an outline (I assume you don’t the Navigator design element anymore). In this post I demonstrate how to create

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XPage Events – onClientLoad

Did you know that: The onClientLoad event is the only event that executes both client and server-side code. and If the CSJS in the onClientLoad event returns “false,” the SSJS is never executed.

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XPages question: How to set a value for a checkbox group based on condition?

I would like to set a value for a checkbox group when clicking on a link. In the example below you see a table on the right. The icons in the header reflect values in check box groups on the

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Looking for a new challenge
After an x number of years working in the same environment I have decided to look for a new challenge. Are you looking for a smart companion?

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