Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2014 – Track 4

Track Session Subject Download Presentation
Track4 Session1 The Road to Damascas – LS and @Formula to SSJS$FILE/T4S1-Xpages-road%20to%20damascas.pdf
Track4 Session2 Wo speichert Notes was? Und was kann der Entwickler damit anfangen?$FILE/T4S2-Wo%20speichert%20Notes%20was.pdf
Track4 Session3 WebServices unter Notes/Domino$FILE/T4S3-WebServices.pdf
Track4 Session4 C / C++ Api benutzung in Domino und Notes$FILE/T4S4-Domino%20C-API.pdf
Track4 Session5 Coffee from a Friend – Using Third Party Java Libraries$FILE/T4S5-Xpages-coffe%20from%20a%20friend.pdf
Track4 Session6 Notes und die Zeit$FILE/T4S6-Notes%20und%20die%20Zeit.pdf
Track4 Session7 Schick mit Grid – DataGrids in XPages$FILE/T4S7-SchickMitGrid.pdf
Track4 Session8 Wo speichert Notes was? Und was kann der Entwickler damit anfangen?$FILE/T4S8-Wo%20speichert%20Notes%20was.pdf

Presentations from EntwicklerCamp 2014 – Track 3

Track Session Subject Download Presentation
Track3 Session1 LotusScript Best-Practices (“keep it simple”)$FILE/T3S1-Lotusscript.pdf
Track3 Session2 Java Beans sind kompliziert? Nicht die Bohne!$FILE/T3S2-JavaBeans.pdf
Track3 Session3 OpenNTF – Die neue Applikationen and Controls für 2014$FILE/T3S3-openNTF.pdf
Track3 Session4+5 All things X – 180 Minuten Session$FILE/T3S4+5-All-Things-X.pdf
Track3 Session6 Applikationsentwicklung mit XPages und IBM Connections$FILE/T3S6-Entwicklung-Xpages-Connections.pdf
Track3 Session7 DOTS – reloaded$FILE/T3S7-DOTS_reloaded.pdf
Track3 Session8 JavaScript für Fortgeschrittene$FILE/T3S8-JavaScript%20f%C3%BCr%20Fortgeschrittene.pdf

Adding search to an application with XPages interface (quickly)

For a project I was asked to deliver a new user interface for the web browser with the help of XPages. This included a search functionality.

First step: Look on OpenNTF

OpenNTF is a great resource to check if someone has done development before and has made the code available for public.

Here are some results that offer some form of search out of the box:

  • Advanced Search XPage Control (link)
  • Xpages Multi Database Search Custom Control (link)
  • Xpage Search And Tagcloud control (link)
  • XPages Basic Search (link)

I decided to go for the Advanced Search control. In case I have missed a great project on OpenNTF that provides a good search please drop a line in the comments.

Step 2: Modification

The Advanced Search control did not use any fancy from the extension library. So instead of the viewPanel control I decided to use the dataView control, plus the tooltip control to reduce the initial amount of text on the screen. Then I added some pagers from the extension library control again and voila here is the result:


So my search is ready in a couple of hours. Who says XPages is not rapid application development?

Thank you

A big thank you to all those who contributed their work to OpenNTF!

Local development environment

I needed to setup a new development environment because we moved recently from Windows XP to Win7 (yihaa! I am a corporate developer). Because my ‘closest to administrator’ like co-developer (an ex-admin who we have convinced to development!) is on parental leave I had to clear the job myself. This is how far I came so far:

  • Virtualbox machine
  • Virtual hard drive of 25 GB; will probably create a new clone from this machine for each new project
  • OS: win7
  • IBM Domino 9.0.1 Social Edition (hurrah!)
  • IBM Notes 9.0.1 SE (hurrah hurrah!) Administrator/Designer/Notes clients

Notes installation

I could not find quickly a proper guideline how to setup a Domino server on a local PC. In case you happen to know one I invite you to share it. Or you may write a new one from scratch of course. You do not really need one, but guidance feels always comfortable.

After the installation I launched the server. When completed I could access the server via HTTP ( or localhost).

Unfortunately the IBM Domino Console program is unable to connect to the server (message: Either the server controller is not running on host admin-PC or is not listening on port 2050). :-/

When completed I launched the Administrator client to alter the server configuration. I was unable to open the server by name e.g. dev1/acme. From a late administrator experience I remember that updating the host file on your OS make your local server better traceable. So I added        dev1/quintessens #notes clients #web browser clients

This did the job for me.

Later I read on stackoverflow not to install the Designer client under program files. Not sure why but I can always re-install it.

Domino administration

If you want to have a short introduction on administering a local Domino development server I suggest you read the following post: The blagger’s guide to XPages Domino administration. Always nice to know some server console commands.


For now this local development environment seems to work for me.

I have not setup mail-routing yet but it would be nice to have (local) mail routing available for a couple of test users.

Would be nice to have the server console program working though.



New control submitted for the XPages development contest

I have submitted a new control to OpenNTF for the XPages development contest. The control is an abstract of the implementation of Galleria in the Bildr project.

In short words: the control enables to publish an image slider on your Xpage. A sample is demonstrated in the following image:


You can download the control here. Have fun!