Source Control with Domino Designer

In case you want to start using source control in Domino Designer there are several good online resources available that help you getting started (Google is your friend). I have written a summary document so you don’t have to collect the information from several resources yourself.

Here you can download the PDF:

Happy reading =)

PS please let me know in case the document is incomplete.

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Source control integration – Not really SMART

On Page 28 of the Presentation ‘AD101 IBM Lotus® Domino® Designer: Full Spead Ahead!I’ I read about source control integration:

  • We’re not going to write our own, but rather integrate with those offerings that integrate with Eclipse (SVN, CVS, CCRC, Jazz, etc.)
  • Investigation has begun, ETA not yet determined, “as soon as we can”

Not really SMART defined.

I believe this is a loud call that has been going around in the community for a long time.  I wonder why IBM is not more specific about this topic. Probably they use already some kind of version in-house but they protect the investments of some business partners…