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#oldschool @formula to check for attachments

I have started at a new company and they didn’t have an XIC (XPages Information Center) so my XPages Knowledge db needed to be installed (a regular Notes db for quickly copying & pasting rich text, snippets, storing sample applications, multiple

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LotusScript equivalent for @Command TextSetFontColor?

In an form I have an action button: Unfortunately this TextSetFontColor command only allows these colors: Black Gray Red DarkRed Green DarkGreen Blue DarkBlue Magenta DarkMagenta Yellow Brown Cyan DarkCyan White In the Help file it says: Language cross-reference NotesColor

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Looking for: human friendly date format @formula

In stead of showing a date in a yyyy:mm:dd format I would like to show the date in a more human friendly way like for example: 4 days ago 1 week ago 2 months ago 8 years, 2 months and

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Pagination on a View in the Notes client

A problem with Notes Views is that when they contain a lot of documents scrolling becomes inevitable. Even when you apply categorized columns it will become necessary that users click through the Views. An option would be that you just

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Mimicing the preview-switch option

I thought I give this Thursday a ‘SnTT’ swing (what happened with that phenomena?). My collegue Tomas can be sometime tough with progressive ideas, but this makes you just try that extra effort to make something in Notes a little

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Implementing Smoothgallery into a Domino application

It was a while since I opened my Designer client for developing a new project due to other responsibilities. At this time I am prototyping a basic Notes application where users can upload images via the Notes client and browse

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Framesets (recap)

Earlier I wrote that the setup of Framesets in an application for the Notes client was bugging me. It seemed that one Frame that is being used as a preview pane (using the URL parameter) is ‘consuming’ all the actions made in

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