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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Lotus Notes – Ray Ozzie’s Tweets

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The View free online?

During the cleanup of my paper library with the View magazines I noticed that a lot of articles, including the PFD’s, of The View are indexed by Google and available online. I am not sure if this is a mistake or

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Is there any way to access user activity properties programmatically?

I was asked to create some reports on the activities on a set of applications. I wonder if you can access the user activity properties on a database programmatic-ally?

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jQuery Mobile 1.3 Panel Widget XPages demo (for download)

The last couple of days I have been ‘playing’ with jQuery Mobile and mostly with the panel widget. I have made some kind of starter-kit (NSF) to build a great XPages app for tablets/smartphones. I have setup a subset of

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Creating a gallery for the IBM Domino Blog Template – Assistance needed

Hi, I found online an old description how to enable image galleries for your/the IBM Domino Blog Template (Not sure if we may label it IBM any longer since they have open sourced it so the ‘community’ may solve issues

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Help appreciated on the Domino Blog template – Display a list of uploaded files

I want to create a list of all the files users have created under ‘Uploaded files’ and display this somewhere HTML Block Template. Does anyone know which DXTag to use or other alternatives? (computed text?). I have posted my question

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Question after Lotusphere – Notes Social Edition

Yesterday I read a list of reviews of Lotusphere 2012. Especially around the next version of Notes, Notes Social Edition (hopefully will become nicknamed Notes Social Addiction) I have some questions. Maybe you can provide me more details? From Alan

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