Fixing the Tooltip function in XPages #2

In a previous post I wrote about the disfunction of the tooltip after validation with the Domino server. It turns out my gigia-form has a lot of fields with visibility properties set that are calculated after partial refresh. To have tooltip fixed for the fields that become visible during interaction with the user I needed to apply another patch.

From the xsnippet for the standby control I took the first part to set up the ability to subscribe to the different partial refresh events. Then I added some lines to subscribe to the partialrefresh-complete state:

The initToolTip function did not changed:

With this subscription the tooltip becomes applied to fields that become visible after validation (when the user continues to fill in the form).

The possibility to subscribe to partialrefresh states is also a use-case for other plugins I use, for example to automatically adapt textareas to user-input.

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