Bildr on OpenNTF’s XPages framework

A couple of days ago I started re-writing my Bildr application so it will use more the OneUI theme. What I decided to do is to replace the JQuery based solutions of Lightbox and Imageflow with widgets available in the Dojo library.

I found some nice examples here and embedded them into my application.

For the scroller on the startpage I decided to use the Fisheye widget:

For the latest contribution I use the Lightbox widgets:

You can group them so they have a nice album effect.

I re-used the Lightbox widget across the views and on a picture document:

I was really surprised how easy it is to include the widgets in your Xpages and the results are wonderful!

Hopefully I can upload the new design tomorrow or this week on OpenNTF. Cheers!

Using the Dojo widgets XPages

The following URL on the Japanse version of developerWorks leads to a nice document that describes the opportunities about using Dojo widgets on XPages:

Since the document is in Japanese Google Translate is probably your friend:

Uhm.. nice translation…

Btw, translation seems to work best with Chrome, as expected.

Using the Dojo widgets XPages