Yesterday I received an email from Socialbiz UserGroup (I highly recommended to join this UG) with some updates regarding Bootstrap. Among one of the updates is the pre-announcement of Bootstrap 4. One of the main new features in BS4 turns out to be Cards.


Cards? What’s new about that? In my current development project I am using cards to display content in a container:



Components not Cards

And in a long ago blast (year 2002) we were already using cards:


Material Design

Excuse me, by that time we called cards ‘components’. Heck we were even using Material Design principles with layered information:



If you want to take a look at web design early 2000’s or you want to get inspiration how to set up a guide for your application developers  here is a link to a style guide.

Meanwhile I will be looking forward to the upcoming updates in Bootstrap 4. Nevertheless I welcome the ability to work with standardized definitions of cards =)

grouped cards

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