Born Social available on GitHub

A long, long time ago I wrote about a project to deliver small building blocks to deliver features from the IBM Connections in XPages application. The posting can be found here: .

Here and then I was asked to share the project or asked about the progress but since I rarely work with the Connections  platform anymore I thought it could be helpful to upload the Born Social project on GitHub so people can make use of it if they like to.

Unfortunately in the meantime I did no hear or read so much about integration between Connections and IBM Domino so I am not sure if this is a (hot) topic anymore. My initial thought with the project was that it would be ‘cool’ to utilize data in Connections in XPages applications.

I also wrote a small document that helps you to get the application up and running and explains how to use the re-usable custom controls.

The project is available here on GitHub.

Source control integration – Not really SMART

On Page 28 of the Presentation ‘AD101 IBM Lotus® Domino® Designer: Full Spead Ahead!I’ I read about source control integration:

  • We’re not going to write our own, but rather integrate with those offerings that integrate with Eclipse (SVN, CVS, CCRC, Jazz, etc.)
  • Investigation has begun, ETA not yet determined, “as soon as we can”

Not really SMART defined.

I believe this is a loud call that has been going around in the community for a long time.  I wonder why IBM is not more specific about this topic. Probably they use already some kind of version in-house but they protect the investments of some business partners…