I am a certified Graphista

Sweden has many IT solutions to be proud of. I assume you are using/have used Spotify or Skype.

Perhaps you are not aware but another “Swedish” product you might have been using is Neo4j, a graph database management system. Graphs are all around us. Typical use cases are recommendation systems, fraud detection and social networks.

You can also make your IBM Notes data more ‘connected’ by using the Graph DB capabilities available in the OpenNTF Domino API.

I chose to walk the easiest path to learn about Graph data modelling and that was to learn the probably most documented, described, leading Graph Db: Neo4j. After a while I felt comfortable with all the terminology, concepts and programmatic use so I felt confident to take the test to become a Neo4j Certified Professional.

And voila!, here is the result:


The test was harder than expected, the time pressure was significant and some subjects out of scope of my experience (administrator experience in a Production environment) but with logic and wishful thinking I came to a positive result 🙂

So far I have not read too many use-cases where IBM Notes data was used within Neo4j or applications written in XPages using the graph db of Neo4j. But what is not is yet to come…