Lotusphere 2011 – Final day

A short summary of today’s activities:

Certification Test Lab

After breakfast I thought taking an exam and upgrade my certification. The upgrade exam for Notes 8 had quiet some DB2 related questions and I havent used DXL export at all so without preparation or work experience the exam was not successfull :-/

Brainstorm OpenNTF project

I met a few developers to discuss a possible kick-off for a new OpenNTF project. The project manager has as dead-line defined next month so you will probably hear from us =)


Questions from the audience for the experts. Great fun and great answers.

Rated 8

Ask the product managers

Ed Brill hosted this session. Questions from the audience for the PM’s. Great fun when the crowd did not appreciate avoiding answers from the PM. I wonder how request are being analyzed, for example the ROI of bringing Designer to the Mac and having a whole new potential of developer audience.

I hope some of the PM’s where attending the Ask the Developers session. There was a good question on monitoring IdeaJam.

Rated: 8

Ask the developers

Questions from the audience for the developers. Quickr is dead, LotusScript is dead. Just focus  on XPages and Java folks.

Odd that so little developers take a look at IdeaJam. Maybe you could gain a few bonuses by bringing up some highly rated ideas from IdeJam (steal with pride and improve) ?

The news that I heard from this session is that there are (dedicated) template developers. Maybe they could define and publish the product plans for several templates delivered via OpenNTF (blog template, wiki, discussion…).

Rated 8

So that was my Lotusphere 2011. Since I was infected on the plane by a German neighbour (thanks but no thanks) with a fever I spent most of my time after the session sleeping in bed.

In case I infected anyone else I am sorry but like me you will get over with it :-/

Lotusphere 2011 – Day X

So many Xpages sessions throughout LS2011 so I guess you  can call each day day X…

XPages 101 How to build a simple XPages application

Very ambitious of the presenters to ram through a large number of slides (which they failed). Although the application was simple I learned some tips.

Rated: 6


BP206 Working with Feeds

I must say that this was one of the best presentations I have seen on LS2011. Although the XPages factor was not touched in this session Julian Robichaux had interesting content in his presentation. Also they way he presented was more professional that the average speaker.

Rated: 9


AD113 How your Xpages in Style

Maybe I made a mistake but I had the idea that good design principles (hopefully related to oneUI) were gonna be explained but the session was about CSS for beginners. One of the rare sessions I walked away from.

Rated: 0



AD116 XPages extension library – Making development even easier

I had no idea why the presenters were presenting but they obviously were non at all interested in their audience. It was more mumbling and making jokes to each other that actually holding a presentation.

Rated: 3



INV107 Application Development Strategy

It was great to hear that IBM positions Notes/Domino as the RADD platform for developing collaborative workflow solutions. Where Domino stood in IBM’s software portfolio has been unclear for a while but this presentation took that away.

Philippe Riand also entered the stage and things were good. The social collaboration toolkit was explained and what that would mean for all IBM’s development platforms.

On the audience question when Domino Designer (applause from the crowd) is gonna be available for the script kiddies on Mac he did not dare to answer…

Rated: 9



BP211 XPages blast

1 hour – 30 tips on XPages development, some good, some too simple. At least enjoyable and well presented.

Rated: 9