Feed highlights of week 41

Here is my second video with this weeks highlights from my feed-reader. This time I also included some ‘older’ mentions that had landed in my mailbox. I also have a backlog there 🙂

Apologies again for the inferior sound quality, but I do not want to spend too much time in producing so I am using the mic build in my laptop.

Using IBM Cloudant with XPages

Last evening I started a little couch development project, in front of the TV. The data I am used to work with is mostly in JSON format already so I read a bit on couchDB. Since my use-case allows storage in the cloud I was curious about Frank van der Linden’s cloudant-connector plugin so I gave it a swing.

Cloudant is the cloud version of CouchDb. Which is invented by Damien Katz, who also was involved by the creation of the NSF.

I found on the internet a very nice easy to use open source project, Java-cloudant, who is doing the heavy lifting in the interaction with Cloudant.

I guess for an XPages developer this is the easiest way to get started with Cloudant. You can also load the libraries yourself as Stephan Wissel describes. At this point I am not sure what option I like best.

It turns out with Frank’s plugin you can develop really fast rapid. If you look at the HR-assistant application he has worked on you find some great examples how to use it. Nevertheless that project was too sophisticated for me to adapt in my 2hr sample app. My goal was to learn more about couchDb and IBM Cloudant and working with documents & views in general and not (yet) building applications around it.

So this is the result I achieved in my restricted time:


Nothing much sophisticated, but a good learning experience which I would like to take with me in my next “couch” project 🙂 The code is available in a Github repo.

In a month Frank is holding a presentation at SUTOL concerning using developing with Cloudant so I am looking forward to hear what he has to say and show there 🙂

Recently(?) IBM Cloudant on Bluemix has a “Lite” pricing plan which is free with restrictions so it’s developers friendly: