Magic XPages converter

I attended the webinar yesterday organised by the LotusUserGroup. I was very curious about the responses from the attendees since I did not really get a hard-on from what I saw.

  • You do not buy a product but a service, how that service will result for you (in money) depends on your case
  • Not all items can be converted so you get a log file with items that could not be converted. So this requires manual work.
  • OneUI principles are not applied, so for a more attractive look you also need to apply manual work.

In general, as a Notes customer, I was quiet disappointed after the webinar. For each webification of a Notes application you still need to check if things work and apply some work to make the application fully work on the web. I also foresee that my customers want to apply so re-design when making an old application available for a browser so why not pay a little extra and get things done right?

What are your opinions?



I received a demonstration video from Nathan that gives a much better impression of the Transformer tool. I would like you to ask to wait untill that video becomes publicly available. For me it gave answers on many questions I had and it changed my perspective on the technical part.

I still have questions if the offering of a service in stead of a product (you can run yourself) is a proper solution. We have many databases installed, we do not know how many are candidate for web enablement and when customers will place an order for this. Performing an ad-hoc transformation (also for sales demo purposes) via an installed product would be a much better fit for me…