FT Search and symbol characters

A while ago I wrote about how you could build a Live Search function with Domino Access Services & jQuery Tokeninput.  Since then the current version of that has been improved on several items, perhaps I will write about it in another post.

Now that people are more using it it appears that it is not bug free or more, it should be more aware that we are using Domino’s FTSearch in the background. I received a note that in certain circumstances the search did behave odd e.g. certain queries failed. For example the following query fails:

“Optimization of the railway station by Fa. Acme”

The term did not cause a failure when performing a search in the Notes view in the Notes client, but on the web in Java the FTSearch method on the NotesView object failed. When checking the data in the view and document the value was exactly as in the text above there.

Then I found the following on the web:

The full text search treats most symbol characters as a white space. The exception is if the search term itself is wrapped in quotes.


So it turns out the comma is translated into a white space and that results in zero corresponding documents in my FTSearch!

Placing quotation marks around the query does solve the problem but this would also break the search when users would enter AND OR OR NOT queries 😕

Hopefully some is out here aware which characters are on that symbol character list so I can adapt my livesearch function ???