Updated eCard app on OpenNTF

I received some comments on the eCard app on OpenNTF:

  • A overlooked the middle fingers suggestion a Santa makes on the default image (dumb dumb).
  • I never tested in IE (out of scope).

Now these 2 items have been fixed:


Happy Holidays!

eCard XPages app – Time for your seasonal greetings !

The last days I have spent some hours in the evenings to learn me Bootstrap in combination with XPages as bit more. The result is a basic eCard application on XPages which utilizes Bootstrap 2 for UI.

Since the Advent Calendar has started I guess you are allowed to start sending out your seasonal greetings 🙂


You can find the app as a project on OpenNTF (link to project). I noticed a card is not working properly in IE yet (what did I expect?). I will see if I can fix this on the short term. Of course you may contribute to the fix.

Here you can find some inspiration for your messages: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_christmas.html