DominoWiki – Anyone continued improving the application?

I am planning some activities for later this year. One of them is the continues improvement updating and writing down standards and guidelines within Notes/Domino development.

Since I want the database lightly accessible (read: open in browser) I am thinking about moving the information from our non-webified Notes database into a Wiki.

I have 2 candidates: #1 is the favoured DominoWiki and the other is the XPages Wiki which never have come to an official release (shame on you IBM!).

Both applications haven’t had a new release in 2010 and I am not sure if there are plans for updates? (nice idea for OpenNTF). The XPages wiki has got a smoother presentation layer but DominoWiki, like others, I find much more robust.

Since I am am a bit of favour for DominoWiki I wonder if anyone kept developing on the application and if improved code is available?