Demo Notes View in Dojo Dijit.Tree

I have been prototyping trying to squeeze a Notes View into the Dojo Tree Dijit, so far so good but what I do not understand is how to invoke a partial refresh to update one or two fields with data from a document in the background?

So I guess my chances will rise if I just post an example database and people could start it to work…

Notes View

What I got so far is the Notes View in the dijit.tree. The data for the store is collected by an Agent will runs through the View using a ViewNavigator. The data is in JSON format including the universalID as UNID.

I have added also an expand and collapse functions.

tree screen 1

If you click on an item in the tree the corresponding document will be loaded in the browser.

tree screen 2

The code for loading the dijit.tree and opening a underlying document is not so exciting:

<div dojoType=”” url=”../(JSONAgent)?OpenAgent&amp;view=$v-treeview” jsid=”navigatorStore” />
<div dojoType=”dijit.Tree” id=”domJSONTree1″ store=”navigatorStore” labelAttr=”sname”>
<script type=”dojo/method” event=”onClick” args=”id”>
} else{
alert(“No doc found.”);

Instructions how to enable everything you can read here.

Partial refresh how-tp?

Instead of loading a complete new document I rather would do a partial refresh. But how? The partial refresh option is not available like for the build-in XPages controls:


Perhaps IBM could extend the controls with some groovy Dojo Dijits?

The onclick event is however available (see code) but how I could initiate there the trigger to trigger another Control that might could do the job is a mystery to me? (like in pre-XPages days you would create a button which invokes an agent and you initiate the buttonvia the _doClick way) You tell me!

For anyone wanting to help here is an upload of an example database so you can work with it… Much appreciated!