Crash course application layout control

I am working on a small project that should deliver a web application to support online marketing campaigns. The application will provide different types of content (e.g. pages, video, images, forum, agenda). For most of these items I have found custom controls on OpenNTF or in the Extension Library.

For the layout I have choosen the Application Layout control from the Extension Library. Thomas Adrian showed a wizard function in version 8.5.3 but unfortunately our environment is still on 8.5.2.

There is a video available from OpenNTF how to use the Application Layout control. However if that goes too fast for you (I guess most people) on Michelle’s Universe (2,3)I found a couple of posts that give you some more to read.

Finally I found the wiki article: AD116 XPages Extension Library: Making Application Development Even Easier which contains the code for setting up a layout design definition.

In case you know a better resource that describes the Application Layout control then you are welcome to drop a link here… =)

Bildr project: looking for a calendar control and easiest way to add a tagcloud

For my little project on OpenNTF called Bildr I am re-writing the interface at the moment in XPage technology.

So far it has been a good pickup of my previous learning of the technolgy but I am currently facing some issues with elements which I havent found a direct translation for:

  • Calendar control for navigating pictures uploaded in the current month
  • Tagcloud

Calendar control

In the left side of the application I have a datepicker of the current month from where you should be able to pick highlighted days. Each highlighted day should contain documents uploaded that day.

I found some code written by Declan Lynch but it does not work (for me). Besides that IndexVar has changed appearantly into indexVar the following code causes trouble:

<xp:this.styleClass><!DATA[#{javascript:if (calIndex != 0){
if (calIndex + firstDayInMonth  % 7 == 0){
return “firstday”;
} else {
return “”;
} } }>

If you have a better or working example, please let me know.


In the leftside I have a tagcloud which will open related documents tagged with the label.

Oh! boy. I thought developing with XPages would become fun with out of the box Web 2.0 functionality which you can easily drag and drop on your XPage and configure but I can not find the easiest way to implement a tagcloud (no custom control on openntf). So my next question:

What is the easiest way to implement a tagcloud? Open the discussion template and copy which files?

Thanks for your help!

Joomla in Domino?

I have deployed quite some websites with Joomla. Joomla! is an open source content management system platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets as well as a Model–view–controller (MVC) Web application framework.

I wonder what would happen if a similar project would be defined on OpenNTF for which developers could write their own plugins? What a wonderfull world the Domino world would be!

Right now embedding functionality from another application into your Domino project is a tedious job and you may ask yourself if sometimes you really want to know how a function works. In case you want to enable ‘voting’ or embedding a discussion area into your application how lovely would it be to be able to just ‘import’ the functionality and it does exactly what is describes it will do?!

It seems that custom controls for XPages will be such a leap for Domino development. Question is whowill define standards for writing them? At least so they can be easily integrated and co-operate with other controls.

Right now I just keep on dreaming about sites that describe the newest coolest plugins for Joomla….