Manual: Administrating the Domino Blog Template (incomplete)

Today I have started to write down a manual which will contain as much information as possible to administrate and give support on the blog template provided by IBM.

In pieces I will post the manual here on this site.

The reason why I started writing a manual myself is that:

  • Documentation provided by IBM is divided over several sources (Wiki, Help.nsf, blogs)
  • Available documentation does not fully covering the complete aspect of what is in the template.
  • Hereby is giving support on the template to end-users (people who write posts and manage the application) too time-consuming and therefor inefficient.

Well you can see the manual as a protest to IBM’s lack of giving full end-user suppport on the templates they create or have created. I am also tired of hearing such complaints from others and complaining about it, since I do not have the feeling things will change at I.

(Lotus knows it’s a dirty job so someone else has got to do it)

Since I do not know all the ins and outs of the template so the manual surely will contain some blank entries and not cover the whole spectrum of managing the blog template.

With your help maybe someday we will get there.

Administrating the Domino Blog Template

Question on Domino Blog Template – Show full entry in RSS not working

Hi, I am facing a problem with getting full entries in the RSS feed for the blog template. Basically if I select ‘Yes’ as option the feed becomes empty.

You can read a description of the option here:

Show Full Entry in RSS? (Content Encoded)
Default is “No”. If set to “Yes” then full content is sent with RSS feed rather than just a short abstract.

If I dig down in the agent (feed.rss) I read it uses the scriptlibrary DXRSS. In Sub StreamRSS2 I read:

If configdoc.config_rssfull(0)<>”No” And contentdoc.excludecontentrss(0)<>”Yes” Then

But an else statement is never further defined.

So I just wonder if the full entry option is ever implemented? The template we are using is the STd7Blog template delivered with 8.02. Are there upgrades available for the template?

Thanks in advance for your help.