Work in progress – CardScanR

Yesterday I registered a new project on OpenNTF, called CardScanR.

Since this project mainly re-uses code from an old article here on this blog the work progresses pretty well.

Here is what I have come up with so far.

Administration panel:

Adding a new event:

And the scan form:

When pressing the ‘Scan’ button the card scanner will be activated and the values read from a business card are sent to the screen.

All very nice! Especially XPages makes the development now much more a piece of cake. Also the OneUI theme makes it more easy to present a more consistent interface.

Hopefully I can upload the first release before a short trip to the Netherlands…

XPages and WQO agents – Cardscan app

I would love to rebuild my Cardscan integration application with XPages and make it an OpenNTF project, the only BUT isĀ  that the transfer of the data that comes from Cardscan is done via a WQO agent in LotusScript.

I wonder if there are examples out there that proof it IS possible using WQO agents in XPages? It would save me a hell of a time and probable if it is not possible I would not do the transformation of the app att all (I am not a Java guy).

So hints/demo/code etcetera are welcome…