Lotusphere – Jumpstart day

Here is a summary of my experiences on Jumpstart day:

JMP301 Masterclass: Defence against the dark arts

Although an administrator session I thought it would be good to hear a bit more on Notes security. On the other hand the jumpstart sessions for application development sounded too simple to me.

The session was great (and fun listening) and it was good to hear about the measurements available Notes to secure the system.

What I took out of the session was more to create more security awareness among our developers. I guess this will result in some kind of workshop we have to setup.

Anyway, when I told my admin that I visited an admin session he was proud but I did not get a reply when I stated that he should now at least attend one developer’s session =)

Rated: 10


JMP 304 Masterclass Deep Dive into Calendaring and Scheduling

Again an admin session. The purpose of this attendance was to understand Calendaring and Scheduling and hear of opportunities how to embed calendaring and scheduling in other Notes applications.

To my opinion the session went much into problem tracking so that was a bit disappointed.

Anyway, again I made my admin proud but still no answer on my question which developer session he will attend.

Rated: 6


Lotus stuff store and Bookstore

‘Vikings’ never return home without treasures so I paid a visit to the stuff store/bookstore to check if there was something of my taste. Any way I succeeded. I also noticed that the ‘Mastering XPages’ book is amazingly thick and this will truly become the bible in the new age of Domino development.

Some great other titles in the bookstore but at my next visit I will bring my axe and slayer and go a little berserk on some free shopping 😉

Rated: 10



JMP303 Masterclass LeveragingJSON in both Client and Server Side JavaScript

The description sounded interesting ( I even skipped an admin session for this one!) but when they started with adding a Notes View on a Notes Page surrounding with brackets and adding an empty entry at the end I was thinking:

Does IBM allow the promotion of such approaches while XPages is the preferred technology to be used?

Anyway, in the second part the speakers came with some XPages examples but they never recovered from the weak start.

I believed the description also talked about JSON in the client but that turned out to be running XPages in the Notes client.

Rated: 5


Welcome reception

Free drinks & food, some entertainment on the background, a nice evening temperature and a lot of Notes geeks!

Rated: 10