Bildr in Gurus of XPages webcast

While working on the next version of Bildr I was listening to the Gurus of XPages webinar (I am not sure where you can get a download of the webinar but it’s out there).

I was happy surprised when I heard at about 21:40 Bildr mentioned as a great XPages app!

Thanks for the nice words! We’ll make sure that Bildr:

  • remains free
  • gets stuffed with more XPages goodies in the future =)

Also thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project. Please update your ideas / feature requests etcetera on OpenNTF.

Bildr – Work in progress

It’s been a hard day’s night… there is some work in progress for Bildr on OpenNTF.

I have added a bookmark functionality and separate page to read comments.

Figure: Button to create a bookmark for a picture document.

Figure: Bookmark overview on profile page.

Figure: Comments overview page.

I have not submitted the code yet, will do that later this day/weekend. Anyway, if you have some feature request, please let me know. Enjoy your weekend!


added the option to update picture details in the browser

Bildr release: create albums


Today a new release of Bildr has been made available on OpenNTF. The release has the non-exciting name 3.02 but the application has as nice new feature: the ability to create albums.

The layout of several pages has improved. For example, there is now a separate page to start finding content via tags and more important the category menu and tagcloud have moved from the non-start pages.

You have to start using the extension library if you want like to use Bildr, since the tagcloud is based upon the control from the library.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this release (code, comments, error reports). Especially Mark Leusink who did an amazing job on the album feature.

In case you like the concept of Bildr and you want to contribute with code or ideas you are more than welcome. I have started listing some ‘Help wanted’ documents on the project page. Let Bildr be also for you an opportunity to learn XPages!

Below some screendumps:

Figure: Albums startpage

Figure: Album page

Figure: Adding pictures to an album.

Figure: Tag page


Lotusphere 2011 – Bildr demonstrated at BP207

Niklas Heidloff emailed me before LS2011 that he would demonstrate Bildr during the session BP207 Apps, Apps, and More Apps: Meet the Very Best Open Source Apps from OpenNTF.

Unfortunately I had a conflict in my agenda so I did not attend the session and missed the reactions from the crowd. I received some reactions from people who did attend the session and I believe people were happy with the contribution to OpenNTF (which makes me happy).

So I would like to thank Niklas for the exposure and I noticed that the number of downloads has increased rapidly after the session.

Anyway, during some XPages sessions the feeling rose that I have to rewrite the application and build in some better design principles in the app. The project started as a learning project for me so now after a couple of XPages apps, XPages sessions and having the Mastering XPages book waiting for me at home I guess the time is here to make the app rock-solid plus add some new features in it.

I just wonder if anyone would find it a problem using the extension libary?

Released Bildr 3.0

I have released a new version of Bildr on OpenNTF. It is now possible to upload images via the web interface. For this I received tremendous help from Mark Leusink, so many thanks for that!

Many thanks in advance for those who will download the application and start testing it. In case you report a defect, remember to add the solution also. That will things much easier.

I have no idea what you will think of this release or the earlier versions (better to forget them haha) . Lotus Awards 2011 for ‘Maximizing Value with an Open Source Solution‘ has as criteria:

  • “Wow” factor and completeness of solution (30%)
  • Innovation (10%)
  • Overall business value (30%)
  • Enhancements to boost end-user and organizational effectiveness (30%).

Getting a nomination would be a nice compliment. I opened the nomination form but it seems it is still focused around business partners, not if you nominate yourself on a personal title (my company does not deliver in open source projects) so this is a missed chance. Whatever!

Just offer me a beer at the bar instead!


Bildr – An update is upcoming

For my Bildr project on OpenNTF I am planning a new release soon. A major enhancement is the ability to upload images via a web browser. For this Mark Leusink helped me. You will be able to upload multiple images at once.

Picture: Step 1 – Enter meta data for the images to be uploaded.

Picture: Step 2 – Select your files and start uploading.

Besides this upload function a lot of minor enhancements have been implemented.

The startpage will have a 3 column layout and a datepicker:

I am currently working on improvements for the Google Map function and as soon that is finished I will release the update.

Even with the limited time to spend on the development I have the feeling that the application is becoming more mature now.

New ideas are of course always welcome!