If alignment of a row in a view requires an upgrade of your server… (XPages Documentation Wiki)

I reported a defect on the XPages Documentation wiki. As you can see in the screen shot the alignment of information in the view is broken:

Here it is in an instance on an IBM address:


I was surprised I got contacted shortly after that by IBM (mostly they don’t seem to respond on reported defects on IBM projects on OpenNTF)

Here the conversation:

Michael Stewart
8:07 PM (15 hours ago)

to me, Jennifer

Your server level may be the cause of some or all of the problems you’re
seeing. The 2.8.2 template requires IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition. My
apologies for not making that clear on OpenNTF or in the 2.8.2 template
documentation. Jennifer Heins has added text to that effect in both places.

If you are able to upgrade, you can get the beta here:


and I would appreciate it if you could let us know at that point whether
you still see the problems you have reported.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience–but I’m also glad that you made the
initial attempt, since it exposed the need for this clarification.


From:   Patrick Kwinten
To:     Michael Stewart
Cc:     Jennifer Heins
Date:   01/24/2013 01:17 PM
Subject:        Re: Re view alignment defect

Hi Mike,

no I did not make any modifications to the views or styling.

As theme have I set idctheme, since our server is on 8.5.2. it extends

KR Patrick

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 6:52 PM, Michael Stewart wrote:

Regarding this defect:


I don’t recognize the styling in the top image. It isn’t just the view
entry alignment that is off, but also the highlighting of the navigation
entries in the lefthand column. Have you made any modifications to the
styles in this wiki?



Well excuse me? Do I need to upgrade my server so a broken line for a row are fixed? FAIL!

New release of Bildr

I have submitted a new release of my Bildr project on OpenNTF.

In case you are unaware of this project, the application allows you to quickly upload and share images within your network. Images are scaled and you can group them in albums.

The idea behind this app was to have a real case scenario to learn XPages, and frankly the learning experience has gone beyond expectations. I also have to thank Mark Leusink for his contributions.

This release fixes the problems I had with Google Maps. Although the solution is not ideal ( I would like to group markers) due to lack of time I am now satisfied with it.

I also used DDE and it’s search capabilities to remove redundant design elements.

Below you can see some screenshots of the application:




New release of Bildr released =)

Today I released a new version of my xpages playground aka Bildr (4.01 so never mind the bugs) on OpenNTF (link).

Beside the following ‘small media campaign’:


and this blog-post we’ll see how people pick up this new release.

What’s new?

Extension Library

Personally I have been working quite a while now with the extension library, and now I have implemented this more in the application:

  • Application Layout control
  • Data view control
  • Widget control
  • Outline control
  • Mobile controls


Mobile interface

This is not the first Notes application I have mobilized. Maybe the ‘modular’ approach makes the mobile interface of interest for other developers.

The applications contains a subset of reusable custom controls to setup quickly a mobile interface for ANY Notes database.

I assume that mostly you want to display View information in a mobile app, so custom controls for a flat and a categorized view enable you to quickly mobile multiple Notes views.

Also the mobile interface contains custom controls to define splashscreen, bookmark icon and more stuff like that to build a more complete mobile Notes app.

Less design elements

Less is more we assume. Especially if you have an application that was built over more than one version of Notes (8.0x, 8.51, 8.53) and where more one developer has contributed, your design tend to become a bit inefficient. Introducing the Extension Library also made it possible to reduce the number of design elements by using ‘out of the box’ controls e.g. tag cloud control and  layout control.

OneUI v2.1

OneUI is dead, long live the new oneUI! (probably we will shout this out loud soon again).


Upgrade or start from scratch?

If you are a current user of Bildr I would not dare to simple upgrade the application design. You can try, I haven’t (due to lack of time).

Start with a new DB from scratch will work fine =)

Which enhancements to expect?

In the next release I would like to add some missing functionality e.g. rating, geolocation with Google maps v3. If possible I would like to further eliminate the number of design elements, remove old code.

Ideas can be posted here:


For now I will relax the next couple of evenings and work on my real-world social life =)

Bildr on Extension Library (work in progress)

In the last week before vacation I have some time left for some experiment. So I decided after reading the extension library guide to start rewriting the Bildr project on OpenNTF. Untill now I have come pretty far and the first results look promising. Not sure if I can manage to finalize the project before the end of the week, but let’s think positive!

Below some screenshots so far…

New release of Viewr on OpenNTF

Awrighty, just before the weekend I managed to squeeze out some work that had landed on the shelf. It’s a new version of the Viewr application I have submitted to OpenNTF.

Main changes for this app is the implementation of Oneui v2.11 and the extension library (as part of the upgrade pack 1).

The app needs some more work (I started with a mobile interface which is not finished yet, maybe in a 2.1 version). Ofcourse you are free to submit your contributions to the project 😉

Nevertheless enjoy. At least I did while learning OneUI v2.11 and the Extension library!

New OpenNTF project released: LinkedIn Controls

I have released a new project on OpenNTF called LinkedIn Controls. The goal for this project is to deliver plugins to LinkedIn in the form of reusable custom controls.

With this you should be able to easily ‘linkify’ an XPages application. For example you can extend the discussion database with calls to linkedin (members, companies).

Ultimate goal would be to make mash-up applications for LinkedIn with XPages. We’ll see how for we will come…

Help appreciated on the Domino Blog template – Display a list of uploaded files

I want to create a list of all the files users have created under ‘Uploaded files’ and display this somewhere HTML Block Template. Does anyone know which DXTag to use or other alternatives? (computed text?).

I have posted my question on OpenNTF:


Domino Blog tip: set XML/Content Encoding value

Apologies that this blog starts to look more like an archive but I have been lately been involved in non-development activities like attending Lotusphere 2012. I will write later an article on that one.

Today I received an incident report from a collegue about a problem with the Domino blog template (the one everybody wants to have with XPages, hint IBM (this time with documentation))…

The RSS feeds were broken, or at least throwing up an error. It turned out to be that Swedish characters in names were causing the problem. Since I work for a Swedish company it is likely that the error would occur more often and in more blogs/places… so worth a search on Google.

I found the following document very helpful:


The Fix
– Added the value ‘ISO-8859-1’ to the configuration document, under the Syndication tab, field ” XML/Content Encoding:” down towards the bottom.

When replacing the computed value with “ISO-8859-1”, it appears to be working. Have not changed the lookup form value. This is probably in some documentation somewhere.. but there’s no documentation with the template.

The character set was set to UTF-8 because they should support Swedish characters (link). When setting them to ISO-8859-1 the errors did no longer occur.