Contributor Candidacy OpenNTF

OpenNTF is a rich environment for developers and administrators to express and share their ideas, hopes and believes regarding the IBM Notes Domino platform. Everyone’s contribution is valuable and treated with respect. As contributor director I bring my experience from both Notes customer and ISV side to this great community.

I have decided to nominate myself as contributor candidate for the OpenNTF board. The voting ends October 1 so hurry up in case you have not voted yet. The reason for the nomination is to give something back to the community and learn from others. Probably the reason why most people are active on OpenNTF.

The last decade I have been working for the most part as a Notes customer. Although OpenNTF is merely a community to develop open source applications a Notes customer is more interested in ready to deploy solutions. Hopefully I can initiate activities in this area.

New project on OpenNTF: DB Manager Notifier

Today I created a new project on OpenNTF called ‘DB Manager Notifier‘. The application is a tool that can send periodically notifications to persons who are listed as Manager in an Application document in the catalog.nsf on your IBM Domino server.

A typical use case is a Development or Sandbox environment where users are free to install new applications. In such loosely managed environments people tend to “forget” their applications and leave them installed on the server.

The application contains an agent which you can set to scheduled e.g. monthly. The memo contains a default message and an overview of the applications the recipient is listed as Manager, including a doc-link to the catalog document and a link to the application. From there the recipient can decide what to do with their application(s).


The idea behind this app is not to increase the amount of mail people receive but receiving a summary of your applications with links can saves you time doing your application maintenance and may reduce the used amount of disc-space on the server.

Updated Single Page Application Wizard walk-through

I have updated the walk through of the Single Page Application Wizard available in the Extension Library. You can find the document here. The document covers release 901v00_06.20140424-0600 which contains some improvements for the control e.g.:

  • Improved warnings were created to alert the user to missing or badly configured options.
  • Better defaults were created for certain Wizard options.
  • The Document Viewer label position was changed to “above.”

The default CRUD options are a big time saver, also the checkboxes for fields to display on a Document Viewer Page.

Project on OpenNTF – site stats

I have created a new project on OpenNTF called site stats:

It contains the code from a previous post on visualizing visit statistics for your xpages along with some additions.

The project does not has the intention to be a fully site statistic tool, but makes it possible to monitor individual xpages in a single application.

I wonder what tools there are nowadays in the market to collect site statistics in Domino?

Creating a gallery for the IBM Domino Blog Template – Assistance needed


I found online an old description how to enable image galleries for your/the IBM Domino Blog Template (Not sure if we may label it IBM any longer since they have open sourced it so the ‘community’ may solve issues (I am told).

The description you can find <here>.

Unfortunately the description does not work for me. Are there others who set up successfully image galleries in the Blog template and are willing to share their solutions/approach?

Related information:

Similar question:

If alignment of a row in a view requires an upgrade of your server… (XPages Documentation Wiki)

I reported a defect on the XPages Documentation wiki. As you can see in the screen shot the alignment of information in the view is broken:

Here it is in an instance on an IBM address:


I was surprised I got contacted shortly after that by IBM (mostly they don’t seem to respond on reported defects on IBM projects on OpenNTF)

Here the conversation:

Michael Stewart
8:07 PM (15 hours ago)

to me, Jennifer

Your server level may be the cause of some or all of the problems you’re
seeing. The 2.8.2 template requires IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition. My
apologies for not making that clear on OpenNTF or in the 2.8.2 template
documentation. Jennifer Heins has added text to that effect in both places.

If you are able to upgrade, you can get the beta here:

and I would appreciate it if you could let us know at that point whether
you still see the problems you have reported.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience–but I’m also glad that you made the
initial attempt, since it exposed the need for this clarification.


From:   Patrick Kwinten
To:     Michael Stewart
Cc:     Jennifer Heins
Date:   01/24/2013 01:17 PM
Subject:        Re: Re view alignment defect

Hi Mike,

no I did not make any modifications to the views or styling.

As theme have I set idctheme, since our server is on 8.5.2. it extends

KR Patrick

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 6:52 PM, Michael Stewart wrote:

Regarding this defect:

I don’t recognize the styling in the top image. It isn’t just the view
entry alignment that is off, but also the highlighting of the navigation
entries in the lefthand column. Have you made any modifications to the
styles in this wiki?



Well excuse me? Do I need to upgrade my server so a broken line for a row are fixed? FAIL!