Fun with Slideshare

I was surfing on Slideshare when I found the following Technical Sales mastery test example. Here a sample question:

2. What is XPages?
A. A runtime designed to generate modern Web applications
B. A page with eXtra code for advanced end-user functionality
C. A way to present COBOL data inside of a Notes application
D. A runtime designed by Professor Charles Xavier
Maybe technical sales is something for you?

VIIA – Very important import agent

Today I received a request from a customer for an addition in a Notes template we offer as a ‘standardized solution’. The customer asks for an agent to import documents from another Notes database into a databases that uses this ‘standard template’.

A great compliment for our developers since our template seems to be competitive with another solution!

Since the number of databases that contain documents that must migrate is not so large I feel little to grant this request but I am interested in a more ‘universal approach’ for an import function. A function where a database administrator himself can define the field-mapping and run the import task.

Question: Are you aware of such a function somewhere freely available?

I am thinking about a limited set of design elements I can add to the template and make available under an administrative panel.

Thanks in advance!

Collegue wanted: Systems Developer (Notes Domino)

I do not know about the existens of the site but here you can find the advertisement for a System Developer in Lotus Notes and Domino.

You have a degree level education in computer science or equivalent experience and have several years of experience with Lotus Notes Domino, LotusScript, @ Formula, Java and JavaScript. In addition, experience in Web 2.0 techniques (Ajax, XML, and JSON) and, especially, the Dojo toolkit is advantageous. You are fluent in both written and verbal English and you also have the ability to transform customer requirements into working solutions.

Sounds exciting? Then head on to the Sandvik career site.

Link: Securing Your Notes Application

Today we discussed to provide a checklist for developers that can help them with auditing the security of their applications.

In the Notes/Domino Best Practices: Security checklist there is a reference to:

Lotus Education On Demand: Securing Your Notes Application

Overview Introduction Controlling Access to Notes/Domino Data Tools The Access Control List Setting Up and Refining the ACL Access to Database Elements Participants Partners in Securing an Application Web Users Anonymous Users Case Studies Problems … 28 Apr 2005.

However the link is dead. Does anyone know if this tutorial is available under a different address?