New job/opportunity wanted

The last year(s) I have followed the Dutch saying:

A rolling stone does not gather moss

But I have come to a point where my current job hinders my creativity and my ambitions too much. Therefor I have decided it is time to make my desire for a new more challenging work environment more clear.

I have added a noticeable image in a widget on the right of this blog that will remain there until the time necessary.


My strengths are:

  • Understanding of web development and standards.
  • The IBM Notes platform most application development but also system administration to some extent.
  • Project management.
  • Affinity with working in large organizations.

I am have good skills in the following languages: English, Dutch, German and Swedish so I am looking primarily for opportunities in countries with these languages or a working environment where one of these languages are the main communication language.

Transforming RSS feeds into HTML, run an agent or use a JS Library?

A customer asked me if it would be easy to make (snippets of) RSS feeds from Notes blog applications visible on html pages (generated by Domino)?

Sure I said, but a search on Google brought me however no direct copy and paste result.

I played before with XML and transformation but I am just wondering what would most effective and more important easy for an Editor who maintains a page?

Just adding a little JavaScript on your page and providing the url of the feed, possibly the url of a stylesheet and a parameter how many items you want to have displayed maximum sounds the easiest for me. I am already using JQuery, could I take advantage of this?

How to tackle possible domain issues? Using an agent and do the transfarmation here? What about performance?

Right now I am still searching, but if you have some guidance your help is appreciated!

PS. I looked at services as RSS Include, would be great if there would be a generic solution in Notes for such a service.