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Adding search to an application with XPages interface (quickly)

For a project I was asked to deliver a new user interface for the web browser with the help of XPages. This included a search functionality. First step: Look on OpenNTF OpenNTF is a great resource to check if someone has

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Download: Twitter Bootstrap in Domino Blog

Have you sometimes the feeling that in case you know too much it may be used against you? Recently I posted how to include Twitter Bootstrap in the IBM Domino Blog template.  Some time ago I blogged frequently about administrating that

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No more a Domino developer -> XPage designer =)

I was reading an article on Smashing Magazine and noticed somewhere a link to CV Parade. I was a bit shocked about the state of my own CV (still in a deadly boring Word document) so I decided to polish

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Application connections

Yesterday I broadcasted a presentation I wrote that describe all the Notes applications we have that guide developers in their development projects. Think about applications in the following categories: Standards / Guidelines Templates Components Resources Tools Knowledge IBM resources Project

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The Woork Handbook

One of the Blogs I like to follow is Woork by Antonio Lupetti. Antonio writes about web design and web development. His articles contain appealing tutorials and great, practical example code. A must read for Domino developers. Last month he has

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Great UI examples for LN applications (recap)

Some time ago I was asking for some examples of great UI’s for Lotus Notes applications. All this promote the upcoming roll-out of the Notes 8 client in our organization. Too bad I did not receive so many examples but the

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