Inside Notes Yellowbook

In order to set up some common Notes Development terminology for our quality books I googled around and found some great resources: What is Lotus Notes? , The architecture of Lotus Notes, Domains, Servers, Databases, Directories… What does it all mean? (@Alan: Coming Next: Databases, Folders/Views, Documents/Forms/Pages, and Fields. – This has never been released, right?).

You are welcome to drop here references to information you can recommend =)

While I am waiting for HTML5:Up and Running (and the XPages book) I thought reading the Inside Notes Yellowbook will help me become a bit more profound in Notes terminology (I have read the development Yellowbooks, never the Inside Notes one).

Inside Notes provides a single place where you can quickly learn about the overall architecture of
Notes. It clearly presents gist of Notes design, without getting bogged down in details. While some
of the information included here has appeared elsewhere, other information has never before been

Oh boy/sister! This book is doper than dope! A must-read for devs, architects and admins. Maybe it does not tell anything new you did not know, but it reads like a hot knife through butter. Too bad the book covers Notes untill release 5.

So all basics are covered, but is has never been updated with release 6,7 and 8 stuff (if needed). A good thing though that Notes is all about notes, already from it’s start.

It also makes clear to me that the WIKI’s are nice as reference, but they lack completeness and a table of content a guidance from ABC to XYZ.

So IBM: continue to publish Yellowbooks/Redbooks, simply because no one else seems to publish something about Lotus Notes Domino.

For now, I am enjoying some happy reading with some Swedish summer-rain.