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JQM & Domino Data Service (2)

In a previous post I demonstrated how to use Domino Data Service (as part of Domino Access Service) to populate a listview for jQuery Mobile. Probably the real-world application you want to mobilize has multiple layers of data that is common in Notes (multiple forms

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Introduction Dojo Toolkit & IBM Lotus Domino

Currently I am collecting all sorts of information about implementing the DOJO Toolkit in Lotus Domino applications. Basically for preparing myself for a upcoming project to ‘pimp’ an existing web-application using this JS Framework. Untill now I have been only working

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Navigation-menu from view (XML Transformation)

In a previous writing I explained how you can create a navigation-menu that collects it’s information straight from a Notes View.   Using the ?ReadViewEntries URL command Notes outputs the view data in XML form which can be the source of

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Scriptaculous autocompleter in Domino form

This post describes briefly an implementation of Scriptaculous’ Ajax.Autocompleter class. It uses an AJAX request using a Page element for an @DBLookup I believe first mentioned at Lotusphere 2007 by Jack Rattcliff and later (?) by Jake Howlett in his and perfectionized (?)

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Download Pagination example

I received a couple of mails saying that the link to Bob Obringers article on his ‘ultimate view navigator’ is dead and if I could send a copy of the example. I have uploaded a working example > here < including

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Printing documents from a view (web)

I almost have my summer-break so in order not to forget what I have been doing lately here a summary of my activities on development:  Recently I have been working on some projects which all had one thing in common: ‘printing

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Bob’s ultimate view navigator – categorized view

I love Bob Obringer’s solution for a view navigator. Especially you can easily improve the user’s navigation experience in existing applications. For example I received a few days ago a request to investigate the options to improve performance on a

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