Save your day, Save the state of your repeat control

I am writing a demo application with a faceted search functionality. For displaying the “results” I am using a repeat control.

Now users want to switch back and forth between the “view” and the “document”. If you display the “results ” in a “view” with an “view panel” control you can apply a pager to that view and for that pager you can apply a “pager save state” control. So when you go from “results” xpage to the “document” xpage and back you land in the same state (same page in that view) and the user does not have to navigate again to the last page in the view panel control.

Now with the repeat control that is a different thing. The “pager save state” was not designed for it. Luckily there is an approach which will deliver you the same result. Add for your repeat control the property: first=”#{javascript:return (sessionScope.first != null)?sessionScope.first:0;}”. Than from the link (could be a button or whatever) in the repeat control add the following in the onClick event handler: sessionScope.put(‘first’,getComponent(“rpCollection”).first);. Then do your normal stuff (like redirect to a page). If you from that redirected page go back to the “results” page the repeat control will show the last set of items from where you left.

I hope it will save your day and your project. Happy coding! 🙂

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