RAD Table walker

For a project I received some very unclear description for a change. After a conversation I came up with the suggestion to rebuild the UI and present a Bootstrap table with add and delete buttons. Something what developers would call a table walker.

So how did I do this?

First I had to extend the Model object of my MVC model. The table repeats rows with persons details so I added:

The Person class is simplified as followed:

On my model object I also added getters and setters and and an add method:

Then I had to build the table with the following important elements:

  • a repeat control to represent my arraylist of Person objects
  • input fields bounded to the Person name and email
  • a button for each row to remove the Person from the arraylist
  • a button to display a new blank row to register a new Person

The code is not that long or complicated. I highlighted the important parts with bleeding yellow:

In the next phase I decided to replace the input field the name field with namespickers (by first name or by last name) wrapped as Bootstrap field add-ons. Here is the rough code:

This all resulted in a nice BS table with add / remove buttons:

Now I am just waiting for customer approval. That is mostly the longest part in Rapid Application Design.

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