How do you organize your workspace?

Notes users differ in their tasks so my usage of the Notes workspace as a developer is completely different from a user that mainly works with documents within an application.

As always “With great power there must also come — great responsibility” so the Notes client lets us completely free how to setup our workflow via the workspace.

My activities focus mainly on adding code, distribute these changes into several environments (from DEV to PRODUCTION) and also store this code in templates.

If you have similar activities, how do you organize your workspace?

2 thoughts on “How do you organize your workspace?

  1. blanghinrichs 2019-October-21 / 2:52 pm

    I have one tab for mail, etc. (basically, anything I need to replicate), and then since much of my business is around either demos, testing, or support, I have separate tabs for Midas, Appsfidelity, CoexLinks, then one for virtual demos, and ones for active support and archived support, and finally one for all the various forums and such.

  2. Chris Whisonant 2019-October-21 / 8:22 pm

    I tend to organize the workspace differently depending on the situation. 🙂

    If I’m in a Notes Client that I use to work with multiple customers, I tend to try keeping a separate tab per customer.

    If I’m in a dedicated machine working for a customer, then I tend to have a general tab that I use for keeping system-type databases in (Directories, Logs, Admin utilities, etc…) and then I might have separate tabs with each Server to have apps from those servers.

    I don’t do too much Dev, but if I did I think that trying to keep separate Dev folders on the Workspace would be a great idea. But that would probably go along with my separate tabs by server name philosophy. 😉

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