#Domino2025 Jam ended- Some first thoughts

Today I participated in the Domino2025 Jam here in Stockholm. The Jam is organised via a set of workshops around Application Development and Mail & Chat. I will not go into much details to cause a possible spoiler for you but I just want to mention a particular suggestion by an IBM Business Partner.

The suggestion was to tackle all the discussion / lost space / future of corporate mail to simply abandon the area and leave the space solely to the competitor.

What should you think of that? To me it would say that if IBM is not capable of providing a qualitative and competitive solution (mail & calendaring client + server)  for Mail I seriously doubt what the capabilities of IBM are.

The Notes client on expeditor has never been the desired success (slow startup, significant code base, complexity to governance in combination with bad or lack of marketing and complexity in the UX) but developing a HTML5 (Domino) Mail client with a ID vault to ensure encryption would be doable right?

This would prevent the competitor to walk freely through the door of every customer and spreading their other competitive products. It is also a slap in the face for customers who have invested heavily in the IBM portfolio.

The idea to separate Mail from the Applications I believe is a widely accepted alternative future for the client.

Domino has some excellent goodies regarding mail & calendaring. A too big waste to throw overboard that easily. But that is not what this business partner specialized in migration wants to broadcast via these DominoJams.

So be alert!

Thank you IBM for the invitation and gathering awareness of the continuity of the Notes/Domino roadmap.

2 thoughts on “#Domino2025 Jam ended- Some first thoughts

  1. Paul Withers (@PaulSWithers) 2017-December-6 / 4:55 pm

    Unfortunately, in my experience, in practice most mail migrations don’t take into features. They arise for one of four reasons: 1) A CEO / senior person got asked by another CIO why they’re still on Lotus Notes (sic) for mail. 2) A new CIO has come in and is a Microsoft person and has made the decision before day one. 3) A new CIO has come in and wants a migration project and has made the decision before day one. 4) A new CIO has been told if he goes Office 365 it will save on his license costs and can get of Lotus Notes (sic). Mail is not something that can be discussed logically, if it was there would be lots of ROI studies on mail migrations. For applications, it’s easier to make an argument but still not always easy to convince.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2017-December-7 / 2:37 pm

      yes marketing and broadcasting the right message at the right time to the right person must be improved. on the other hand this does not give management an excuse NOT to collect information from lower levels in the organization.

      a bit disturbing that there are business partners (binary tree in particular) that use these domino2025 jams as an opportunity to broadcast and suggest their migration services. unprofessional towards the host (IBM), but you know how they are…

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