DDE does disruption (3) – Perhaps DDE is not build for it?

I am still complaining about DDE because I am facing the following situation:

I am working with a colleague on a project. Our code resides in a central repository on TFS. We both develop with a local clone and we sync towards our own NSF on a Domino server where we do our development work. The problem  is that she is unable to build the project and have her NSF running. I do not have those problems but perhaps that is because I have written most code lately. When I build HER NSF, the application WILL run.

We have a similar setup (version DDE, installed plugins).

When she performs a clean, build, refresh she does not get errors or anything whatsoever. What might cause that her build process does not succeed or complete?

3 thoughts on “DDE does disruption (3) – Perhaps DDE is not build for it?

  1. Oliver Busse 2017-September-1 / 5:59 pm

    Did you checkin metadata files when they are new? Did you check in .classpath file (you MUST not)? Did you check in .config files of XPages?

  2. camerongregor 2017-September-2 / 1:38 am

    Could it be anything to do with her user ID being allowed to execute java code on the server security settings? is there an error message when you try to run the application?

    • Patrick Kwinten 2017-September-3 / 2:58 pm

      Her user ID is allowed to execute java code on the server. We both do not get error messages. We have upgraded her Notes client now with FP9 and we noticed she can now build her own projects and run XSP’s. It looked like code that I had signed she was not able to build (but without getting an error message) even though we were both on same client version (FP8). Sometimes after signing multiple times the design, build, refresh, remove project from work-space, adding it back it works.

      Considering the other problems we faced with JavaScript libraries we may conclude DDE on FP8 is just a mess.

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